Top 6 alien Abductions cases in 2024

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Top 6 alien Abductions cases in 2024

1.beti and bernie case

here is 1st case in top 6 alien abductions cases in 2024

Top 6 alien abductions cases in 2024 here  we start This incident happened when the daughter and Barney were returning from Canada after spending their holidays and suddenly the daughter noticed that a strange light was following them in the sky. As soon as this light came near them, Barney stopped the car to stop them. They found  that the red and green lights had come very close to them. Troubled Barney drove the car away. When the couple reached home, they noticed one thing. The journey took them 2 hours more than usual. They were hypnotized. So many strange things came to light which were shocking. During the hypnosis, the things told by Beti and Berne included the shape of the UFO and the structure of the aliens on it. The most shocking thing that came out was the star map made by Beti, which was her claim. That he had seen this path of stars from inside an alien spaceship. With the help of this star map, it matched with Zeta Reticuli, a star system present in the southern sky. This alien case of 1961 came to the world through journalist John Fuller. With this news, the entire media shaken up if you want to konw about what is ufo light then click here

Top 6 alien Abductions cases in 2024

2.New England Case

Abduction no 2

The second case of abduction is of the Algash River on the banks of the small town of Elgot in New England, where four friends on a Campion trip claimed abduction. August 1976: Four friends went to this area for camping. Their first day here was very normal, but they did not know that in the next few days, their life was going to change completely. The next day, these four saw the sky at a short distance from their camp. They saw a bright light emanating from an object, first they thought it was the light of a helicopter or plane, after that this object suddenly disappeared, their day also passed without any disaster On August 20, all four of them went fishing on the banks of Eagle River. They gathered a huge pile of fuel near their camp and set it on fire so that it could become their food. According to Saraushni, this fire was going to last for a long time without any fuel. After that, their friend named Rake started lighting the same bright fire in the sky. Seeing the light, he asked his other friends to also see it. Now all four friends were looking at the light emanating from that object. That object was coming towards them. Suddenly a bright light came out of that object and all four friends went inside it. After this, the last thing that all four of them remembered was this. They regained consciousness on the banks of the lake from where they were seeing the same object flying in the sky which was hovering at a short distance from them. After a few minutes that object disappeared from there. These friends experienced another shocking experience which was The fire they had woken up some time ago had now turned into ashes. According to them, it was going to burn for a long time. This difference in time had become a special part of an incident. After returning from Campion, all four of them started having similar dreams. They were seeing strange creatures with long arms and legs in their dreams. Everyone thought that these friends were speaking Juth, but when their lava detector test was done, all four passed it.
Top 6 alien Abductions cases in 2024

3.Abduction of ziggman adamus

Abdution no 3

This incident happened on June 11, 1980, in a town in England. Zigman Adams went out of his house to get things but never came back. 5 days later, his dead body was found on a big pile of coal. It seemed as if someone had dropped the dead body on a pile from above. On examination, it was found that Zigman had died due to a heart attack due to some unknown reason. The first person to reach the incident was Pietislen. God Frea was a policeman. A few days after this incident, God Frea also had to go through a surprising experience.Dord Borden, 3 kilometers away from where Jigman’s body was found, during his daily patrol, God Frea saw a strange flying bird. That flying bird hovered for some time and then went away from there. What happened after that, God Frea knows because he After he had become unconscious, when God Frea was hypnotized, God Frea told everything that had happened to him after he became unconscious. He told that he was taken in a saucer-shaped vehicle and that God Frea had many medical tests. He said that one of his percussions was done by many small robots, after that when all the tests were over, the same small robots picked him up and put him back in his car. After the story of God Frea came in front of everyone, people started thinking that That these aliens may also be behind Zigman’s death tihis is 3 case in top 6 alien abductionas cases in 2024

top 6 alien abductionas cases in 2024

4,Arizona Forest Incident

This incident happened in the National Forest of Arizona, on June 5, 1975, when the forest employees were returning home after work, they saw a big and shining disk in the sky. At first they thought that it was an airplane, then gradually they realized that it was strange. When the CD came to them, they realized that it was something different, then one of the employees, who was Travis Walton, got curious about what this was. Travis got down from the car and came right down to the disc to see it. The rest of the co-workers tried to stop Travis but he wanted to watch. Then the object left a light at Travis’ feet. Travis went away and fell unconscious. Seeing this, his other co-workers got scared and drove the car away from him. and then waited for a while. Later they realized that they had left Travis behind, then when they went back, they saw that the strange looking DVD disc had disappeared and there was no trace of Travis anywhere. After this incident, the search team searched for Travis. Forrest May looked everywhere but found out something new about Travis After 5 days, Travis came back mysteriously. After coming back, Travis. He told that it was very scary. He told that when the disc had left the light, he had become unconscious. After that, when he regained consciousness, he found himself in a room with many strange creatures. Travis also said the same. It was told that he was also medically examined by terrible looking creatures, however, the officials rejected this claim of Travis as a lie.

Top 6 alien Abductions cases in 2024

5.Australian pilot Frederick

This is the story of October 21, 1978, an Australian pilot Frederick was flying his plane and the weather was clear that day and it would take only 1 hour to reach the place where he had to go. Shortly after the flight, Frederick came to the control room. Frederick reported that another plane was following him about 4500 feet away from his plane. The authority told him that at this time no other plane was visible apart from him, then Frederick told them that it was a very big aircraft and it had 4 people. What kind of lights are flashing? The authority asked him to tell about that aircraft and what kind of plane it was. Fab Frederick saw that the aircraft came very close to him. When Frederick told the authority that it was not a plane. After that his connection with the authority started getting broken and then his contact with the authority got completely cut off. After this, a lot of efforts were made to find Frederick, which lasted for several days, but no trace of Frederick was found, then after 5 years, the wreckage of a plane’s engine was found on Flinders Island, after examining it, it was found that it was a piece of Frederick’s plane. And on the same day, the public told that they had seen an unknown object descending from the sky, green light was burning in it. At the same time, Frederick’s connection with the authority was also broken. Some UFO scientists told that it was possible that it was an alien. May have destroyed Frederick’s plane or is Frederick still in their possession? Today, even after so many years of this incident, it is still possible to find out where Frederick is and what happened to him. this is tha main case in top 6 alien abductions cases in 2024

Top 6 alien Abductions cases in 2024


6.Robot Teller Incident

top 6 alien abductions cases in 2024

This incident happened on 9 November 1979 with Robot Taylor living in Scotland. The robot was a forest employee. When this incident happened with the robot, on that day the robot parked his van at a place in the forest and moved ahead on his way. While walking, suddenly his eyes fell on a strange thing. A huge dome-like figure was visible in front of him. The robot was surprised to see that huge figure. Then suddenly, while the robot was watching, the vehicle became invisible for a few moments. The robot was still looking at the same vehicle when it saw two small spheres moving towards it. The color of those spheres was fair and they had sharp points attached to them. Then those two balls caught hold of the robot’s clothes with the help of their thorns and started pulling him and pushing him into the huge vehicle. The robot tried his best to get free from it but he was very tired in this, then he became unconscious after some time. Later, when he regained consciousness, he saw that those two spheres and the dome-like shape had disappeared from the robot. He got scared and ran away from there to his van, but due to the van getting stuck in the mud, he could not take it away. The robot was without a van. After he went home, he told the police about this incident. When the police investigated, they found out that the grass there was burnt as if a heavy machine was lying there.

Top 6 alien Abductions cases in 2024

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