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Top 3 real Ufo incident in 2024

1.Nimits Ufo Encounter

This is the case of November 2004, when American pilots were doing their daily testing, they were flying about 35,000 feet above and as usual, everything was going normal, then suddenly the Advanced Spy 1 radar installed on the Navy ship noticed something strange. According to him, some unknown object was being seen about 80000 feet above the sky. This happened till the 1st week. American Navy sent one of its capable officer to investigate it. The officer left in an F-18 fighter jet. They saw that it was a doughy thing which was churning the surface of the water. They saw that a 40 feet long white oval object was hovering, that object was bouncing as if a ball was bouncing, that object may have a wing. It was not even possible to understand how it was being milked. 2 more officers were sent silently. When these officers tried to chase the object, it disappeared at a very high speed. This incident is similar to the Nimitz encounter. A 1 minute 16 second video related to this famous name was also leaked on the internet. know more about Top 3 real Ufo incident

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Top 3 real Ufo incident

Roswell Ufo incident

Top 3 real Ufo incident year was 1947 and the place was Roswell, New Mexico. It was a normal day as usual in Roswell. Towards night, clouds started coming and there were very loud sounds of lightning too. During this time, an unknown shiny looking thing came and fell on the ground. Nearby there was a farmer’s house where that thing came and fell. When the farmer saw that thing, he got scared because he had never seen such a thing till date. Frightened, he called the local police. The police come there, collect all the debris and take it with them, and the next day the news is published in the local newspaper that a UFO has crashed in Roswell. Along with this, dead bodies of 3 aliens have also been found inside the UFO, but the very next day this news is changed to tell that it was not a UFO, it was just a hot air balloon and the police also arrested that farmer. If it was just a hot air balloon then why was that place sealed for Did it but at that time due to poor video quality the video was not clear and after releasing the video the man also goes missing so it means the government is hiding something about the UFO so that the common man should not know about it. got you can see full video on youtbe for 

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Top 3 real Ufo incident

Australian Ufo incident

Top 3 real Ufo incident

Today’s story is about an Australian pilot named Frederick.
Frederick was a volunteer and had a passion for flying airplanes since childhood. This is the story of October 21, 1978. On that day, Frederick was flying one of his planes. That evening, at 7 o’clock, Frederick reported that another plane was following him about 4500 feet away from his plane. At that time the line authority told Frederick that there was no other plane there except him, then Frederick told the authority that it was a very big plane and there were 4 big lights burning on it, then the authority told Frederick to stop the plane. I asked him to tell me more about it whether it is a passenger plane or a fighter plane or a jet plane. Frederick was not able to find out which plane it was, then Frederick again reported that now the plane was only 1000 feet away. It is a few feet away and is flying very fast above me. Frederick said in fear that it has already come directly above me and the authority asked him to tell something more about the plane, then Frederick said that it is not a plane and After this, his voice started getting cut off and his connection was lost , the Bureau of Air Safety Investigation asked the taken him with them, but till date nothing has been found about Frederick. if you want to konw more about me then click here

Top 3 real Ufo incident

Some unsolved mysteries

This happened in the year 1976 and the place was Tehran, the capital of Iran. That day people claimed to have seen a very shiny thing in the sky and not just one or two people but thousands of people had seen it. People were frightened after seeing that unknown thing and Called the police and the police also verified the UFO. It was not the job of the police to deal with this thing, so the police immediately informed the Iranian military about it. At that time there was a war going on between Iran and Iraq, so the Iranian military Thought that if our enemy country has possibly attacked us then we should also respond to it and without any delay the military sent one of its fighter jets to see that unknown thing. As soon as the military plane went near that UFO, suddenly Its system shut down and it returned to the Iranian aircraft base. Then that unknown thing suddenly and with great speed disappeared somewhere. Till today it is not known what that thing was and where it came from.
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